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Review of G&G's G2010 (F2000)

Welcome to Black Scorpions review of G&G's G2010 (F2000)

Written review underneath video.

00:39 - Externals
04:55 - Adjustable FPS
07:05 - Disassembly
10:10 - The Scope
11:42 - Internals
14:08 - Magazine Compatibility
15:46 - Size
16:57 - Batteries
17:52 - Sling Points
19:11 - Accessories
21:32 - Price & Contents
21:57 - Conclusion

Written Review for G&G's F2000

Comes in a easy to use flip open type box with a handle. However instead of the usual polystyrene, in comes in a thin vacuum formed holder, which means there is no padding between the box and the right side of the gun. Although, it did arrive with no damage all the way from Taiwan. The box is professionally finished with a nice shiny sticker to indicate its contents.

The instructions are are well laid out in a glossy booklet format with well written easily understandable english. The only exception is the section that explains how to adjust the guns fps, more on that later.
Also included is the traditional loading rod and sight adjustment tool. The magazine is a whopping 450 rounds capacity stanag style high cap, made of steel. The magazine is of very good quality and has had no trouble feeding.

First impressions, this gun is heavy and bulky, although when held to use its bulk is not apparent, other than the foregrip which at first feels oversized. After playing for a weekend with the gun I can say the foregrip and pistol grip make up what I find to be the most comfortable gun I have used, feeling much lighter than it is when shouldered. The guns almost perfect balance also adds to the guns weight decpetion. The polymer feels like that used on ral gun furniture, there is no creak or flex anywhere.
After spending some time staring at hi res pics of the real thing, other than the trades which are not present on the AEG, it would seem G&G have mimicked the F2000 down to the last detail, even including a metal moveable ejection port and gas regulator parts. All parts of the rifle that should be metal are, the machine work is top notch on the metal work, no imperfections anywhere, the picatinny rails are perfectly machined with no detectable flaws.
If you've ever used a P90 you'll have a headstart with the F2000, all the controls are ambidextrous, the fire selector is a rotary type that sits perpedicular to the trigger with finger grooves that give a positive click when selections are made. The selector is stiff enough that accidental changes should be almost impossible.

The magazine release is a large, chunky affair that is easy to locate without having to look for it and can be used even with thick gloves. The mag release requires a moderate amout of pressure to release the magazine, I have not experienced accidental mag releases because of this.

The G2010 also has a 2 stage trigger when in Full auto mode, this clever system allows the user to fire one shot at a time everytime, by pulling the trigger back to its first position. When the trigger is pulled all the way back, full auto fire engages. The gap between the two is easy to gauge without practice but not so big that there is a delay when wanting to go staight into full auto.

Something that makes the G2010 unique is the adjustable spring tension, at the rear of the gearbox under the buttplate is a large locking screw, under this is a 5mm allen key bolt that is tightened to increase spring tension and as a result fps. Behind the allen key bolt is a locking bolt that must be tightened also, preventing the allen key bolt from moving, this has a slot in it that requires a large flat head screw driver. Our test model came in a little high fro most UK sites, but to give you an idea of the level of adjustment, it did 350fps at its minimum and 415fps at its maximum, there was a slight drop in fire rate at the maximum fps which is to be expected. UPDATE: After we changed the spring to one that did exactly 300 fps on the lowest setting, the highest setting now achieves 370fps. This range covers every site I have ever been to making this the most versatile AEG I have ever used.
The other advantage of this unique system is that it allows you to remove both of these nuts to get to the spring, so if you find yours is too hot, changing the spring is a 2 minute job. Of course this also means it you want to open the gearbox you can remove the spring first to make life much easier.

The gearbox is easily removed by loosening the 4 allen bolts on the stock, sliding out the plastic plate under the butt stock cover which requires removing 2 small philips head screws. The gearbox then slides out of the rear of the receiver.

The upper receiver is also easily removed by pushing through the large body pin, this is held in place and will not fall out (one thing less to worry about losing), then sliding off the upper receiver form the lower.

The barrel and hop unit come away with the upper receiver and will slide out from the outer barrel. There is virtually no wobble between the inner and outer barrel, certainly less than I have seen in other AEGs, that would hinder accuracy. The hop unit is an M4 type but is not qiute the same, there is an oval mount at the back to allow the hop to mesh with the version 6 gearbox and the feedtube to the mags is shorter due to the design differences between the F2000 and M4.

Moving onto the internals, the gearbox is very well made modified version 6 gearbox, it has small holes drilled into the corners of the cutouts where the cylinder sits. This is a nice touch, it is done to prevent cracks propogating in sharp corners. The motor is a high torque motor and has had no trouble being tested upto 420fps whilst maintaing a good fire rate. The motor is held in a cage which is bolted to the gearbox similar to a version 3 gearbox.
There is a drawback to the use of the version 6 gearbox, at the front of the gearbox, one of the screws that holds the gearbox together prevents the use of some magazines, the included hicap fits with no problems as do G&G's midcap mags, however, other brands of midcaps will not seat correctly into the magwell because of this screw. Some magazines can be modified to fit but this situation is not ideal. We will be asking G&G if they are aware of this problem and passing on this information, hopefully this can be remedied in the future.
All the wiring is the new high quality wire G&G have become reknowned for using lately.

The spring guide is propietry, however, is made of good quality steel and has bearings, so shouldn't fail anytime soon.
The piston is polycarbonate, with one steel tooth, and has the second tooth removed which increases reliability. The piston head is also polycarbonate, neither parts have any burrs or blemishes.
The cylinder is a full type and made of brass, and the cylinder head is a black plastic along with the nozzle.
Compression is very good, with one finger over the end of the nozzle and pressure applied to the piston it connot be fully compressed indicating it is airtight.

With regard to the hop unit, my first G&G aeg was the GR300 around five years ago and the hop units performance was very poor, however, since the L85 was released, G&G have redesigned their hop up system now producing fantastic results. The F2000 comes with their new style hop unit that gives great performance, the turning wheels are stiff enough to keep its desired setting and it has enough range to provide the perfect amount of hop to any weight of BB even up to .40 weight. As with most G&G guns the F2000 comes with a 6.04mm tightbore barrel, combined with the stability of the tight fit in the outer barrel, its massive 435mm barrel length and the new style hop, this AEG has very good range outperforming most of the upgraded guns we have access too.

The cut off lever is also propietry and presents a flaw in the guns design, however, it is very easy to fix. At the the leading edge of the cutoff lever where it comes to a point, there is a small flat edge about 1.5mm high this needs to be either rounded or sharpened to a point to prevent the trigger mech locking against the cut off lever which can occasionally happen. We sharpened ours with a needle file, this took around 2 minutes and we had no problems with the gun after this for the entirety of the Ground Zero weekender and cannot foresee it being a problem again. We have informed G&G about this and will let you know the outcome

The F2000 will take regular NiMh/NiCad mini batteries upto 9.6V and we have also fitted 1200mAh 11.1V lipos with no problem. With a mini battery in the stock there is a lot of room left over to get a custom size battery in, but a large will not fit. The battery is easily inserted in the lower section of the stock by removing the rubber butt plate. The butt plate has wings that slide into a recess at the back of the gun, because the rails are also made of rubber, actions like crawling will see the butt plate removed and possibly lost. It would have been ideal if the rails were a harder plastic that slid in like those found on the MP5 solid stock. We prevented the plate from coming off by passig a loop of shock cord between the sling loops on the sides of the stock, using shock cord also allowed enough stretch to open the back of the gun without fouling. A tidier option would be using a sling adaptor that went through the 2 sling points and had another section that went across the back of the butt plate like found on M16 solid stock sling adaptors. You'll have to do something like this if you wish to attach a sling to the gun anyway. At the front of the gun, there are sling mounts infront of the foresight on both sides.
Compression is very good, with one finger over the end of the nozzle and pressure applied to the piston it connot be fully compressed indicating it is airtight.

The picatinny as already mentioned is crisply fininshed and has had no trouble accepting G&P optics, a Russian Kobra or real Eotech sights as well as various lasers and PEQ boxes. The front sight is removeable to give a little more rail space if required via an allen bolt. The rear sight flips up and both sights are adjustable. The height of the rail is just right when your cheek is againt the gun and we have had no trouble using the F2000 with various goggles and masks. There are no other places to mount items like torches other than the barrel so bear that in mind if you do a lot of night gaming. By removing the front sight I was able to fit a G&P PEQ 2 box and an Eotech 511.

The F2000 or G2010 as G&G call it is available in the UK for around 400, making this an expensive gun, it does have some problems, it can't accept every brand of mid cap mags, the cut off lever needs about 2 minutes of filing and the butt plate isn't entirely secure. Having said all that, there are many great things about this gun that make it worth buying, the bull pup design means its the same length as a CQBR M4 with it's stock shut but has a barrel twice as long, the adjustable fps/quick change spring is an incredible feature and something we hope to see more of in the future and the fact that this is a one of the most solid and beautifully made AEGs we have ever come across lead us to say that despite its flaws it is worth its asking price. Everyone we gave the gun to hold whether they liked the F2000 or not were all impressed with it and its overall quality. Well that sums up this review of the G&G F2000 replica, Black Scorpions over and out!

Update: we have spoken to G&G about the cut off lever, butt plate and mag compatability issue. They have told us they will fix the cut off lever immediately and will improve the butt plate. They also plan to move the offending screw at the front of the gear box to allow the use of other brands of mags.

G&G are also looking at releaseing a replica of the FN sling adapter that sits around the stock of the weapon and would prevent loss of the butt pad due to its design.
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