Black Scorpions UK Tour dates:

Aug 2010
27th-29th - Ground Zero (NAE) (Ground Zero Airsoft) - Site Report

Sep 2010
19th - The Courthouse - Bristol (Bristol Airsoft) - Site Report
25th - Longmoor - (Airbourne Airsoft) - Site Report

Oct 2010
16-17th - Operation Kryton - Catterick (Stirling Airsoft) - Site Report

Nov 2010
21st - Private Game - Site Report

Dec 2010
19th - The Courthouse - Bristol (Bristol Airsoft) - CANCELLED

Jan 2011
9th - The Mall - Reading (First & Only) - Site Report

Feb 2011
TBC - The Asylum - Kidderminster (First & Only)

Mar 2011
TBC - The Courthouse - Bristol (Bristol Airsoft)

Apr 2011
23th-24th - The Chernarus Conflict Pt. 3 - Cope Hill Down (Town Assault Events)

If you're at any of the above games and would like to talk about what you would like to see made for airsoft come and say hello or fill out one of our questionnaires.

Also, if you know of a good airsoft site, maybe your local? Email us and let us know where and when so we can come down and let others know about it too!
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