Airbourne Airsoft - Longmoor - Sep 10

Longmoor is one of the British Army's fibua training sites, consisting of many buildings and houses across several streets and even a train on a track!
These make Longmoor one of the greatest places you may ever get to play airsoft, and on the 25th September the Black Scorpions got a chance to play at this fantastic venue for the second time.

On this visit, the event was hosted by Airborne Airsoft, an outfit made up of several ex and currently serving members of the armed forces.

The day started with the traditional brief, which was clear and concise. Because of their backgrounds, the marshals knew how to make good use of the site, putting together several very well laid out games throughout the day with moving objectives which allowed us to play in most parts of the site at one point or another.

In the largest game of the day we had to capture a 'colonel' from the enemy, secure him in a specific building before moving him to an extraction point and escaping on the train. This took us up to lunchtime, after which we were asked if we would like to play the same scenario in reverse or something different. We opted for the scenario in reverse, but it was certainly refreshing to be given options by the organizers.

Lunch was provided in the ticket price. A burger and hotdog along with a can of drink went down very well and is something we'd like to see at more sites. Extra snacks were available to purchase throughout the day.

Ticket price was 45 which may seem expensive but it did include lunch and we feel is worth it to get to play at Longmoor, the site really is that good.

One disappointing aspect of the day was the turnout, only 16 players were in attendance. At only 8 players a side we found players were spread rather thin at such a large site. Having played at Longmoor with over 100 players, we really feel the day could have been fantastic if higher numbers could have been combined with the games that Airborne Airsoft run.

All in all we had an enjoyable day but felt the numbers were too low, hopefully in the future more people will play there as we believe Airborne Airsoft deserve to do well, offering genuinely military feeling themed events.

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