Bristol Airsoft - Court House - Mar 11

BRISTOL AIRSOFT - Night game review

Bristol airsoft run games almost every day of the week due to their deserved growing popularity. Although we have done a review for Bristol in the past, the team thought it would be interesting to play a night game at the courthouse site and see how different it is.

The games we played were similar to the regular days games, we started with virus, where everyone is against one another, when shot you count to 10 and can then be revived by anyone. You then join the person who revived you, eventually all players will be on the same team, going around the site, killing, then collecting players. This is a great first game to play as it lets you explore the site. Of course playing in the dark made it very difficult to find out where the sneakier players were holed up.

The site has remote control to the lighting system allowing them to turn the dim, moody lighting on and off in specific areas at will. This can make the most vanilla game of airsoft turn into a nail biting series of stand offs and tip toeing. Of course if stealth isn't your bag, you can always handle the dark swat style, storming around the place, shouting, flashlight blazing. Either way the difference the lack of light makes to the various games dynamic is fantastic.

This game was a great opportunity for me to try out G&G's latest tracer unit, not only does it make a brilliant visual display of fire fights, it also allows you to know with a much greater amount of certainty that you have scored a hit on someone. I found using the tracer I was hitting people with only one or two shots at the most rather than going for four or five as I normally would. This was great for my ammo count, especially given the greater cost of tracer ammo.

Flashbangs come into their own during night games as well, robbing you of your adjusted vision to the dark, it's another element that really adds to the intensity of night games.

As on previous visits we found Bristol Airsoft to be both enthusiastically and professionally run, providing a good atmosphere for players at an already interesting and challenging venue and thoroughly recommend it to both beginners and experienced players alike.

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