Bristol Airsoft - Court House - Sep 10

BRISTOL AIRSOFT 19TH September 2010

Bristol Airsoft is CQB site that has the unusual distinction of being situated in Bristol city centre and is located in the old magistrates court. So when the Black Scorpions got a last minute opportunity to play at the latest Sunday event and we were keen to make the most of the day.

The site is one of the closest sites to where the team is based, so getting there was no problem, also as their day starts at 11am, it made a pleasant change not to have to get up at some ridiculous time. Once we arrived, the kit was dropped off at the site, before the cars headed off to find somewhere to park for the day. Itís worth noting that Bristol Airsoft has no dedicated parking, however if you are there on a Sunday, itís pretty cheap and easy to find a place to park, although you may end up going for a bit of walk if you are the driver!

Once inside we all signed in, then headed up to the safe area to get our kit ready. The site has three rooms set aside for the safe zone, one on the ground floor, one on the first floor and dedicated ladies changing area. There is also a site office/shop, kitchen, toilets and even a room with a pool table, so all in all itís a very well equipped set up.

The playing arena itself is on three levels and features 3 court rooms on the ground floor, a network of cells in the basement and a small area on the first floor. Each court room has itís own stairway, down to the basement, so along with the stairs by the main entrance, there is plenty of access around the site.

There was quite a mix of players at the game, including some first timers, experienced regulars and even a team from the local university. With the site booked almost to capacity, the day promised some intense engagements!

The games kicked off with a virus game, where every player that you shot joined your team, until one team prevailed, which was a nice quick way to get things going. After that the day was broken up into a huge variety of scenarios, ranging from attack defend, to some highly complex objective based games and on several occasions the Black Scorpions were pitted against the rest of the site, which proved an interesting challenge! The number of scenarios was exceptional, so things never got boring and the marshals did a great job of keeping up the pace of the day with rapid turnarounds between games, packing the maximum action into the day.

During the day, we spoke to as many players as we could, to find out more about the people who play at the site and get their reactions to the latest guns G&G has to offer.Several of the marshals at Bristol Airsoft are ex military and it was interesting to get their reactions to the L85ís that we were fielding. Like wise we had some interesting talks with the players, all of whom were a friendly and played a good natured game.

There was a brief break for lunch in the afternoon, before play resumed and carried on until 5pm-ish at which time the hardcore few carried on, to play some more games in the basement whilst the rest of the players packed up and headed home. Finally at 6pm the day ended and the last players staggered off head home and have a well earned rest.

Weíd like to thank all of those who took time to talk to us and helped to have what was a very enjoyable day.

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