Catterick - Oct 10

Stirling Airsoft, Operation Kryton Oct 16th-17th 2010

This month saw the team heading of to North Yorkshire, to attend the event, Operation Kryton, run by Stirling Airsoft at the army FIBUA training centre in Catterick.

Stirling Airsoft is one of the oldest companies in the UK and specialises in ultra realistic milsim events, ranging from CRW “black” training events to full scale urban skirmish weekends. All their events have the emphasis on realistic use of teamwork and command and control, this event being no exception. During the briefing, the teams on both sides were issued with command radios by the Stirling staff and divided into squads for the duration of the event. Each side had a command team, who stayed active for the entire weekend and gave out missions to all the squads.

This particular event was themed on the computer game “Call of Duty”, it centred around the level set in the Brazilian favella, with one side taking on the role of the Task Force and the other the Brazilian mercenaries.

Saturday consisted of both sides fighting to gain territory in the form of the various buildings/safe houses, which changed hands regularly throughout the day. Also there was an ongoing mission for the Task Force, which was to capture the two rebel leaders, which involved both individuals staying on the move whilst the Task Force snatch teams attempted to locate them.

As night fell and the first days play drew to a close, things were pretty evenly balanced, with the Task Force holding the centre of the town, whilst the mercenaries held the 5 storey tower block and most of the surrounding buildings. The days play had seen relentless fighting by both sides and an exceptional commitment to stay in the game by all concerned, with all the squads seeming to only take the shortest of breaks before continuing the fight.

7am on Sunday saw the game resume and as the end drew close, so the intensity of the fighting increased, as both sides made a last dash to get the upper hand. In the case of the Black Scorpion squad, it meant defending one of our “safe houses” from being overrun and destroyed by one of the Task Force squads. As the whistle blew to sound game over, we had successfully held the enemy at bay and helped to contribute a few more victory points to what turned out to be a 140-110 victory for our mercenary side.

During the game we chatted to numerous people and in spite of Stirling being the number one site for PTW owners we felt that we won over a few people with the performance of both the G2010 and nterestingly the plastic blowback M4, which seems to have impressed everyone who’s seen it!

This weekend for us was one of the best events we’ve attended to date and we heartily recommend that anyone with an interest in serious milsim should attend one of Stirling Airsoft’s events.

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