Swindon Airsoft - Experience Airsoft - May 11

In May, the team decided to check out Experience Airsoft in Swindon. We found out about this site after visiting Swindon Airsoft Supplies (which I highly recommend), who also provide an extensively stocked on site shop. This is great, because it allows you to purchase gas and bbs as well as anything you may have forgotten, they even had AEGs on sale at the site.

Experience Airsoft was easy to find using the map on their website. There was plenty of space to park the cars, although be warned it is a fairly long walk to the safe zone when carrying a lot of kit. The safe zone is well sheltered, on our visit showers were on and off although we and our kit stayed dry between games. Soft drinks and confectionary was available in the safe zone at very reasonable prices.

The walk on or 'green' fee was 15, making this site the cheapest I had been to, hire kit is also available. I must admit for the price I expected game play or the site to be reflected in some way, but I was nicely surprised to find that Experience Airsoft run a very organised site. There were several marshals, who were always in the right places and very approachable. Most importantly the marshals were always aware of what both teams objectives were, something I do not find at every site we visit.

The site itself is made up of typical woodland, with lots of bushes and trees, there are also several defendable areas. One area, known as 'the prison' is a circle of barricades roughly 10 metres in diameter, this was used as a respawn and last line defence is several games. At the edge of the wood is a large area with lots of camo netting draped over several wooden structures that made for some great attack/defend games.

In one particularly interesting game, one marshal described the Hindenburg line of the Great War in the brief, going on to reveal the relevance to the coming scenario. In this game, cones had been laid out in a long line across the middle of the whole site. Both sides could not cross the line, but were able to move the cones forward once they had fought there way to 'the front'. All the cones had to stay within 2 metre of the cones to either side, forcing the 'line' to stay intact. At the end of the time limit, the distance was measured from the starting point of the line to the furthest points into each sides territory, the winner was the team that had pushed furthest. Bizarrely on this day, a distance of 22 metres had been achieved by both sides, declaring a draw. We had never played a game like this before but thoroughly enjoyed it, it was nice to see sites like this really thinking about how to implement new ideas for games.

The thing that really struck the team about Experience Airsoft was how close knit and friendly the players were, I have truly never been to a friendlier site. Everyone said hello, most people even came over and introduced themselves for a bit of a chat.

I really could not fault anything about this site, and at 15 to play it represents fantastic value for money. Due to the well organised and welcoming nature of Experience Airsoft, I would rank it as one of the best sites I have had the pleasure to play at. If you are in the South of England, I would not hesitate to recommend you visit this site whether you are a newcomer or experienced player.

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